According to Hubspot, what is the first stage/action of inbound marketing?

Let’s get an answer to this query from Hubspot CRM. According to Hubspot, what is the first stage/action of inbound marketing? So the answer is “ATTRACT” 

Let me define it properly for you so hold on for a few minutes.

Attract: Drawing in the right people with valuable content and conversations that establish you as a trusted advisor with whom they want to engage is the correct and right way of strategy for inbound marketing.

According to hubspot, what is the first stage/action of inbound marketing?
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Stages of Inbound methodology

The inbound methodology can be applied in three different ways. 


Let’s go through these stages one by one and elaborate on them for better understanding.


It simply means to draw someone with some valuable information and content. 

You build some relationships with your content. 

Trust is built slowly with this

Content strategy ” will play a great role in this. It will build authority in different search engines as well in users’ minds.

You can publish blog posts, and videos across social media. 

You can also create ad’s to gain the trust of your customers. 

Having reports at each step will help you to analyze the data.


In this stage, you try to engage them by showing some great useful insights. 

  • You show them solutions to their pain points. 
  • You give them solutions to what they are actually lacking.
  • And hence they find something in which they are involved and engaged now.
  • You can use Hubspot CRM conversation to make a great engagement between you and your users. 
  • Emails, chatbots, live chats, forms, and CTAs on articles can really help to engage your customers.
  •  In Hubspot CRM you also have the option of workflows and sequences for making the process automated.
  • This also makes them feel comfortable when you are available for their help.

Now let’s move to the next step as the user is now engaged


In the previous step of engage where you have only shown them solutions. 

Now at this step you actually give or implement that solution, give them help whatever they need. 

Give them success with the solutions they will be so happy.

And now your customer becomes your future work enhancement, this is how inbound marketing helps you in various ways.

To go through the information to the right person at right time you can use Hubspot CRM to align work as per team like the Sales team and Marketing team.

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is actually a methodology by which you create long relationships with customers, creating value through your content, and giving them solutions.

It’s all about empowering your customer by helping them at each step and try to reach their goal with successful solutions.

Your customer succeeds and hence you do too.

Inbound Marketing serves great work in the flywheel model which is impacting with a positive approach.

Let’s see at last this too model.

What is the flywheel model?

Flywheel is a business model adopted by HubSpot CRM to illustrate the momentum by delivering exceptional customer experience and services to your customers at best.

Hopefully, you have now got so much valuable information according to Hubspot, what is the first stage/action of inbound marketing? and also about Inbound Marketing with some techniques for marketing to use with the Hubspot CRM.

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