Ultimate Guide to the future of eCommerce

Hey guys, Welcome back to our exciting article on none other than e-commerce. We will be going through the future of eCommerce today and tomorrow with some buzzing trends and technical aspects too.

Can you tell us when was the last time you purchased something from online stores? I don’t think it’s more than a week. 

Yes, that’s what it is. Our e-commerce is increasing day by day. There are still so many things offline which has a direct benefit to come online, which will happen also in some years.

future of eCommerce

If we see over time the graph of e-commerce is not just growing up or down only. It always keeps on up or down depending on the time and needs of the users. 

Ecommerce trends for 2022

There are so many things going on in the market. Everything is on the hit-and-trial method. Many brands and small business owners are trying many things just to check what will work for them.

Some of these different businesses are trying. We have listed them below, so let’s go over it.

Ecommerce personalization predictions

If you are in e-commerce or using shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra Paytm or any generalized shopping website then you must be familiar that when you purchase any item let’s say ‘watch’ then in the recommended feature you get one more product which is useful to the watch like ‘belt’

What does this actually mean? It simply means that the website is targeting you for upselling.

How does this actually work?

Let me share one example with you. 


Target product ” A “→ Recommended product 1 → Recommended product 2

Target product ” B “→ Recommended product 3 → Recommended product 4

This is called upselling which is used by mostly all shopping or we can say e-commerce websites. We will study in any other article about up-selling, down-selling, cross-selling etc.

Ecommerce delivery drones

If you are in the online world you must have seen drones flying in your area mostly in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, China, and India. These are mostly used in need of important like seeing anything in dangerous places for the police or army. 

But now it’s been very popular and used in the e-commerce industry at a user level. 

Now in many countries drones are used for delivering food groceries and your daily used products at your doorstep. 

Amazon which is one of the largest companies and websites in the world is already doing in some of countries. This will surely change the way of delivering the products and its also reduce the time and efforts of human beings with reducing traffic also.

Benefits of using drones in eCommerce future story

  • Less traffic
  • Less money
  • Fewer delivery charges
  • Delivery in less time
  • More automation
  • No third-person dependency
future of eCommerce

Ecommerce social media shopping

Social media play a very important role in the E-Commerce industry and in daily life also. Because as soon as the population and online content is increasing e-commerce is also increasing. If you see changing things nowadays social media has become very important for the E-Commerce industry. 

Because of mainly two things.

  1. Increasing content 
  2. Shopping

With social media content is as soon increasing buying and selling are also increasing.

People nowadays do post and add links related to the same product which are they connected as “AFFILIATE”

Shopping on social media is also now added. You must have seen so many pages which are niche based like watches, shoes, makeup, etc. They only focus on selling products directly. And different social media like Instagram are giving this option. 

Now Google has also joined fully as a shopping feature, we will give more details below about this.

Ecommerce tracking

As soon as E-Commerce will grow you will need to track everything very accurately. Mostly when everything will be automated as we discussed above also that we will be using drones for delivery so to keep the data safe, secure, and at one place so that everything could be tagged and function very well.

There are already apps that can help you with this like Swydo, Megalytic, and Google Sheets which can help very easy to keep track of all the records at a heavy scale.

If you think it’s not a big thing, you must see some internal data of e-commerce companies. 

One-day order data is very huge. If it’s manual, you can perform it.

In the coming years many other software and crms will also come to manage all these things.

Ecommerce pop-up shops

In the e-commerce industry, you are well aware to save money else very soon you will start taking losses. 

Because you can’t open physical stores everywhere by spending thousands of money. Even people don’t like to go offline every time.

So having a pop-up shop to go along with your eCommerce business can be potentially to take a positive promising step.

Ecommerce using voice search

The world is changing very quickly. From hand telephone to voice search we are rapidly growing. 

Nowadays voice search is extremely growing and if you don’t use this feature it can surely be not good for your business perspective.

Amazon and Google are one of these examples to have this and both have shopping lists also.

  • Siri
  • Alexa
  • Google Assistant

These three are the most well-known products that are used now for voice-based search and shopping too.

A study says in 2020, most of nearly 50% of searches are done by voice based

Now it’s time to think about this too as a business owner

Ecommerce AI Systems

AI which is Artificial Intelligence is a very rapidly growing industry and will cover everything in the coming years. It is going to play a huge role from zero or higher levels.

By using AI everything will be easy, quick, and responsive.

We have talked about Drones this is also a part of the same

In the coming future e-commerce industry will be almost automatic and will do all the tasks management itself or by AI-based robots or tools.

Future of eCommerce 2030

As we have now discussed so many facts about the future of eCommerce, now we will cover what more things are coming and existing things are around us, that are trying to disrupt the market.

Delivering pizza in 20 minutes is old now. The industry is now trying to achieve something more.

These days you must have listed about Blinkit which is trying to give delivery of products in 5 minutes. Really? 

Can you think of this, as soon you ordered and from your room, you come to outside your home, it’s that much of time only. And they are trying this hard thing to achieve. Also, they are doing it successfully.

Things like these and experiments are going to change the e-commerce industry in the coming 5 to 10 years.

If you are using Google you have seen products also in search but now there is a dedicated tab for this. 

If you have not seen this till now check your browser and search for any product in the Google search you will option of Google Shopping by which you will get only products. 

It’s like a separately made shop where you can filter similarly as a shopping website.

As Google is also investing resources here it means things are going to change in the coming years. 

Important things to remember in eCommerce!

  • Trust
  • Brand awareness
  • Transparency
  • Authenticity
  • User friendly
  • Feasibility

What about in the coming years of the future of eCommerce?

Expectations and estimations are that in 2023, it’s estimated that eCommerce purchases will rise from 14.1% to 22%

And it’s good to see if that really happens. 

It is also said that in the coming 15 to 20 years almost 95% of all purchases will be via eCommerce. It simply means from daily used products to food, and electronics, everything will be online.

Online business will be on the boom. If you are planning to move online this is the best time to start building for tomorrow.

Final Verdict according to future of eCommerce:

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