How to download instagram reels

In this article we are going to discuss multiple ways to download the Instagram reels


how to download Instagram reels video: Instagram is one of the most widely used social media networks providing a unique feature known as Instagram reels. you can make a video using Instagram reels and can apply multiple features to that like adding music, filters and many more. You can find multiple video editing tools like with Instagram reels feature.

Instagram provides a new section where you see the Instagram reels. Since it is launched gaining very popularity across the world. In some nations, it is competing with TikTok. In reels, you can see various types of video, music and songs which is trending.

The good news is that anyone makes Instagram videos and reels using the Instagram camera app. This reel can be up to 30-sec long. and after that, you can edit that video in your Instagram application like you can apply the music, filter and other defects from here.

But Sometimes we want to download the reels from Instagram so that we can put it on our status. or we can post it to others’ social media networks between our friends.

Now in this article, we are going to discuss how you can download Instagram reels from your mobile, laptops and desktops.

So let’s Discuss the multiple ways to download the Instagram video without wasting the time.

How to download Instagram reels?

Instagram allow us to download the video but the problem is you can not download it to your device. Only you can save the video to the Instagram application. So if you want to download the video to your device then you can use below multiple methods to download it.

you can download the video using the multiple below methods…

  • using
  • Using Reels Downloader
  • Using Inflat
  • Using Story saver for Instagram, Insta story downloader on Android
  • Instadp

Download Instagram reels using provides you with a very simple interface from where you can download Instagram reels very easily. the main advantage of Ingram is that they are not charging any fees for that. You will only see some advertisements in this interface nothing else. besides the download feature, it provides multiple features from where you can customize your video means you can change the format of your video.

How to download instagram reels
How to download instagram reels

You can also easily add the igram to your laptop or mobile screens to so that you easily access the igram tools for downloading the Instagram reels. you can follow bellow steps to download the instagram reels from your mobile.

  1. Go to your Instagram account
  2. open the reels which you want to download
  3. copy the link address of the reels
  4. go to the igram application
  5. paste the link in the box given on the tool
  6. Click on the download button

Now you will see reel video is downloaded to your device it may be a laptop or mobile.

Reels Downloader | How to download Instagram reels online

If you are using an android phone. then you can use one application which is called Reels Downloader. and was developed by Ezapo Technologies.

This software provides the best and simple Interface so we can easily save all the Instagram videos by only just provides the URL of the reels.

The best feature of this application is that you will see this interface without ads. means the ads will not constantly ping you.

we can easily download videos and pictures in very high formats from Instagram. So if want an application which not Irritating with ads then you can try this.

you can follow the below steps to use this application…

  1. open your Instagram application on your mobile
  2. go to your video and photo
  3. copy the URL from the Instagram
  4. Go to the reels Downloader
  5. paste the link in the Reels Downloder
  6. your reels will start downloading in your smart phone

Using Story saver for Instagram , download Instagram reels private

For downloading the Instagram reels you can use another application which is known as Story saver for Instagram and insta story downloader.

download Instagram reels private
download Instagram reels private

This Is a very widely used tool which is being used nowadays. you can easily download the Instagram reels using this. this application provides features to the users to download Instagram reels and Instagram stories. you can also store images and videos after doing few clicks.

This also provides a feature to download the video from a private account on Instagram. For using this app you all have followed the below steps.

  • Go to the play store and download the Story saver for Instagram.
  • Click on the install to install this application to your mobile
  • Now Go to the Instagram application and open the reels which you want to download
  • Click on the three-dot and click on the share button
  • Now share the video with Downloader on Instagram
  • Now the video will open to your downloader app and downloading will start automatically Once you are clicking on the download button.

Using the Screen Recorder… | download instagram reels online using link

If you don’t want to download any application for downloading the Instagram story and reels. Then we are going to discuss a simple way for you So you can easily download the Instagram Story and Reels.

Nowadays android mobile is coming with great features. one of them is a screen recorder Using this you can save your screen with audio. You can Follow the below Steps to save any video you want…

  1. Turn on your screen recorder
  2. open the Instagram application
  3. Go to your reels and the story you want to download
  4. start your screen downloader
  5. and stop your screen recorder when the reel is ended

your recording video will automatically save to your mobile and you can edit your saved reels. and also you can share it with your family and friends.

Final Verdict on How to download Instagram reels

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