How to redeem a youtube premium code?

If you want to access the premium code and this article for it. It will explain the step-by-step process of “how to redeem youtube premium code“.

how to redeem a youtube premium code
how to redeem a youtube premium code

Youtube is a platform which provides facilities for Video Streaming. It is a google – owned product. If you take premium access to this, you will get lots of features from youtube. The most beneficial thing is you can remove the ads from your video while watching. It will overall enhance user Experience.

Suppose you are a user and you don’t want to see the ads on your video while you are watching. For this youtube provides the subscription with a minimal fee like 129rs/month in India.

There are other multiple ways from where you can get the free premium for youtube. Multiple websites and applications are providing promo codes for youtube premium. Now in the article, we will discuss if you have a youtube premium code and you want to access it here is how you can do this. But before starting this let me tell you some facts and benefits of taking the youtube premium.

What is Youtube Premium?

youtube provides various services to its subscribers in exchange for a fixed amount. Below are the services provided by youtube for its premium users.

  • Ads free video watching experience
  • Background play Support (like you can do other work also when you are playing youtube videos)
  • Download Unlimited Video -you can download Unlimited Video and watch it offline
  • Youtube Music Membership and many more features

In India you can find the premium plan in three forms – 1 month, 3month and 12 months in the below image you can see the pricing details for the youtube premium.

how to redeem a youtube premium code?
how to redeem a youtube premium code?

Note: For the First month You can enjoy the free youtube premium subscription. After the first month, you have to pay 129rs/month.

How to redeem a youtube premium code?

If you have a gift card and premium code the Using Below Steps you can redeem the youtube premium features:

youtube premium code redeem
youtube premium code redeem
  • Enter your code and click next
  • Click the ‘Get YouTube Premium’ button and choose the plan you want to buy.
  • Choose Google Pay as your payment option and click on Buy.
  • Your code will be redeemed and your YouTube Premium account will be activated.

List of Benefits of YouTube Premium

once you will have youtube premium then you can enjoy the below features from youtube.

YouTube Music Premium

Using Youtube premium you can enjoy multiple features in the music category. you can get access to millions of songs on youtube music with an ads-free experience. You can download it and can play it in the background or in audio mode also.

  • YouTube Music• Easily explore the world of music with the new and improved YouTube Music app.
  • Ad-free music: Listen to millions of songs uninterrupted by ads.
  • Download music to listen offline: Save music and playlists in the YouTube Music app and listen offline
  • Play in the background: Keep music playing when using other apps or when your screen is off

YouTube Originals

As we all know youtube makes shots videos and movies with some selected popular creators which are known as “YouTube Originals”. With youtube Premiums, You can get free access to this content without any extra cost.

Download Videos with Youtube Premium

If you want to download the Video in high quality and want to watch it later then. YouTube Premium provides a feature where you can download the popular video in high quality and you can watch that later. Besides that youtube provides one more feature you can watch your video in picture format. So you can watch it in slide mode also or you can present it anywhere in the form of a presentation.

Ads-free Videos with Youtube Premium

The most popular feature of youtube premium is that you can watch the video without ads. Because some times we get frustrated with ads on any video and movie. using premium you can enjoy a better experience from youtube.

Background Play with Youtube

Youtube Premium provides one more feature you can play video and audio in the background. So if you are working on something different application then you can play the video in the background using the Youtube premium features.

Final Verdict on how to redeem a youtube premium code?

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