[All in One] How to write good blog post ideas 2022 ?

blog post ideas, Today we will understand how to write good blog post ideas that will get hundreds and thousands of views and comments. Mode number of social shares and top ranking on the search engine like Google Yahoo and Bing.

Getting traffic to any blog is harder and it’s really a tough job because hundreds of articles are being published on daily basis or we can see in every hour.

In the early days it was not that much hard it was a really easy job just because there were only a few articles and websites so content was very low that’s why content gets a good ranking on search engines but now it’s just the opposite of the same

Earlier getting links and social shares was quite easy. If you write a small article of 600 to 800 words that was more than enough for a day but now 2000 words or also not enough.

Today things are completely different as they were previously.

According to WordPress, 2.3 million blog posts come out on their platform every day.

So to stand your content out and get shared today, it needs to be amazing, unique, different, and provide values.

We are here to help step by step for the same.

blog post ideas
blog post ideas

Selection of Blog Topic | blog post ideas

Let’s start with number one to find the best blog post topic. Frankly speaking there is no secret idea for a blog post topic.

But I will help you to decide the topic. 

  • Make it Small
  • Make it Catchy
  • Use digits (numbers)
  • Use focus keyword

How to find blog post topics? | blog post ideas

I will tell you how to find blog post topics easily and smoothly that will actually work for you.

First go to a website like Udemy, Google certificate, upgrad, etc.

They are actually goldmine and I will tell you why I’m saying this. They show the content in which people are really interested and also see the content for which people are actually paying. This means you get the idea that people are investing money in this content.

If you want to search the courses by keywords or by category and you will get the people which are actually paying.

Example 1: 

Let’s assume you are running a blog about web design and web development services.

Then check the web development categories and then scroll down their best-selling courses and in a few seconds, you will have a list of all the users to topics that are being searched by users.

Example 2:

Now, look at the second place i.e. Amazon or Flipkart to have a look at the proven ideas.

Search on Amazon with the keywords that describe what your blog is all about and then look at the books with having most ratings. It means people have actually paid for that book and purchased it for sure.

Deciding heading

Now we will decide about writing a headline.

As we have already decided on the topic above from the research so now it’s time to write a blog post headline.

Let me tell you one of the stats, that 80% of the people read your headline but only 20% click over the post you have actually you did.

Is that stat true?

See your headline is super important because this is the only thing that excites the user to click on this post.

Always start your headline with some phrase or with some number. Numbers or curious words and phrases are getting more chances to be sure on social media and to get more clicks because it excites the user to click.

You are not bound to start with a phrase but it makes your reading more sensational and user-friendly to start your headline. It will obviously stand off from others.

The second and more important thing to make your headline best and clickable is to use brackets and parentheses. One of the studies found that if brackets and parentheses are used in the articles there are much more chances to improve the click-through rate by 38-40%.

So what you are waiting for?

If you will observe that you will also get that most of the top-ranking blogs will have the same pattern of brackets and parentheses. 

Writing Introduction of the blog

Now let’s move towards the third step of the post writing for attention-grabbing of your users.

Now let’s write an introduction that grabs the attention of your users just by checking the initial lines. It’s very important now. As it depends on whether your full article is readable by users or not.

Check your users’ needs and their attention

Try new formulas and examples and relate them with real-world examples. It should look like you are here to give some valuable things to your users not just for writing some content.

The introduction should be like grabbing attention so users are interested in reading the next full post.

Now the next step comes here-

Write an awesome post

Have you got any trick or formula to write an amazing post?

Let’s see what better we can do with this…

There could be various formulas that can work but not all for every person.

  • More shareable 
  • More headings
  • Long format
  • More infographics
  • Facts 

Let’s dive into these above points we mentioned.

  • The post must be well organized and have the correct information so that it should get more and more attention from the users. This should solve and help users’ problems. This is for what users came here to see on your post. It should be like in only one click users should share it to their friend’s circle, or on social media accounts. As soon it goes to social media you are about to get more and more attention for sure.
  • Some people use headlines or sub-headlines more and more so that users can check and go directly to the points which are mentioned in the posts. Making so many subheadings also works for some people depending on the information you are providing to the users.
  • Some people use a long format for the posts like they use to write 2000 to 3000 words in one single post and sometimes more than that also. Some use very few words in length like 300 words mostly you will see them in news posts but they rank. So that’s what we are saying there is no fixed formulas it all depends on the work, information, format, and obviously consistency of your work.
  • More pictures, tables, graphics, graphs, videos, etc. can be used to make them understandable for your users. If your content allows and that’s your way to work with your users you are free to do this. It may be that there is a greater demand to use infographics for your content than to use it.
  • Some people use facts and more data which is available on the basis of surveys done by different websites or organizations. These facts and data are useful as well as interactive also for the readers. 

Write your conclusion

Now at the last step, there is a conclusion that is super important. 

For any beginners or well-stabilized professional bloggers, all should know that conclusion is super important. It basically throws the overview and writer’s point of view. 

With this, there are lots of chances to get so many comments also because it makes like you are interacting with someone.

In this part, you can add CTA buttons, your previous or other services blogs, and important links.

Also, add your final overview of the article you have written.

You can also add social links to share your content. This will include internal links also.

You can ask your users to leave comments, share on social media, and sign up for your newsletter. The exact call to action that you use is totally up to you.

Make sure the reader has completely enjoyed your content and it’s informative for sure. 

Optimize your article

Because the truth is, traffic to most people’s blog posts look like this, a huge spike on day one, then it flattens out to pretty much zero. But when you optimize your post the right way, you still get that spike, but your post still brings in consistent traffic month after month.

So the first on-page SEO technique is to include your target keyword in your introduction.

Google and other search engines put more weight on words and phrases that show up at the top of your page.

So you wanna make sure to use your keyword once in your blog post intro like this.

Next use short URLs.

When it comes to Google Rankings there’s no doubt about it, short URLs work best.

In fact, Google themselves actually recommends that you use short descriptive URLs.

That’s because short URLs make it easy for Google to understand the topic of your page.

Plus people use your URL to figure out which result they should click on it.

This is why lots of industry studies have found that short URLs get clicked on more than long URL’s.

Finally, add internal links to your post

Now internal linking doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, when it comes to internal links, I like to keep things simple. Whenever I publish a new post, I add two to five internal links to some of my older posts. Now you could also go back to older posts and link to the new post that you just published.

For example, when I published this post about keyword research, I linked that to related content on my site that I already published.

And added a handful of internal links from older posts to my new guide.

Sharing is Caring | blog post ideas

Sharing your content on Twitter and Facebook doesn’t really count as promotion. To get your content seen today, you need to do a lot more than just share on social media.

In fact, I usually spend about 20 percent of my time writing content and 80 percent of my time promoting that content, that’s how important content promotion is.

With that, here are three quick content promotion strategies that you can try. Our first strategy is the content announcement newsletter. When it comes to content promotion, email crushes social media. And it’s not even that close.

For example, I published this post on my blog a few months ago. And like I do for all new posts, I sent out a Tweet. I also sent out this simple, plain text announcement newsletter to my email subscribers. And when it was all said and done, the newsletter got nearly 13 times more clicks than my tweet. To be clear, I do have more email subscribers than Twitter followers. But still, there’s no denying that email is way more powerful when it comes to promoting content compared to social media.

Next, we have Facebook retargeting. It’s no secret that Facebook’s organic reach is pretty much zero right now. Fortunately, you can still get your Facebook followers to see your posts, without paying a fortune. The secret is to boost your posts, but only boost to people that have visited your site.

Final Verdict on blog post ideas

This is all from my side about this article of blog post ideas about how to write a best and good article. Look at these blog’s to ensure you’re on the right path to your digital success. 

Look at these services you may need for your website.

Do you have any questions? 

Drop your queries and comments section below, or post them on HubSpoting Forums, and we will be happy to answer.


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