Lachit Borphukan Biography

We have seen many valor leaders in the Splendid history of India like Shivaji , Prithviraj chauhan , Samudragupta . But the famous one who defeated bravely the mighty troops of Aurangzeb was Lachit Borphukan.

Born on 24th November, 1622, Borphukan was known for his leadership in the Battle of Saraighat, 1671 in which an attempt by Mughal forces to capture Assam was thwarted.

Born to Momai Tamuli Borbarua and Kunti Moran. His father was the commander-in-chief of the Ahom army.


The Ahom kingdom was located in the Brahmaputra valley of eastern India. It was first established in 1228. Kingdom was time to time challenged by Turkic and afghan forces of Delhi Sultanate and later by Mughal Forces.

  • Afghan – Mughal conflict started in 1612-13 then afterward it went on to increase
  • Lachit grew up during these expeditions of Mughal Army.
  • Picking his father’s path he joined Ahom Army.
  • He was given the responsibility to serve as of SOLADHARA BARAUA (equivalent to today’s Private Secretary rank) Ahom king.
  • With time he was given in charge of Royal Stable Horses and Royal Household Guard.
  • By the time he was appointed as Commander of the Ahom Army , Ahom kingdom was defeated and GUWAHATI was captured by Mughal Forces.
  • King was forced to sign the Treaty of Ghilajharighat in 1663 which imposed harsh conditions on them.
  • King  Chakradhwaj Singha wanted to get rid of this humiliating treaty.
  • He ordered Lachit to take back our territory from the Mughals.
  • And this paves the way for the famous battle of Saraighat.


Saraighat is a neighborhood in the Indian city of Guwahati, on the north bank of the river Brahmaputra.

  • Lachit raised the army and his preparations were completed by 1667 and defeated them.
  • Then Mughal ruler Aurangzeb send an expedition force from Dhaka under Ram singh.
  • Lachit who was well trained in guerilla technique thwarted the Mughal attack.
  • Knowing that it would be difficult to defeat Ahom forces under supervision of Lachit , Ram singh made a plan to remove lachit.
  • he fired an arrow to ahom camp with a letter that his commander Lachit negotiated with Mughal Army on 1 lakhs to evacuate Guwahati
  • furious by this letter ahom king Chakradhwaj Singha doubted the loyalty of Lachit and ordered him to sack from his position but prime minister Atan Buragohain convinced him that this was a trick by the Mughals to make Chakradwaj Singh dismiss the commander who successfully fought the Mughals so far
  • After failure of his conspiracy , Ram singh took the support of his Naval power and moved towards ahom kingdom via brahmaputra river .
  • Ram singh had huge army which outnumbered the ahom army and gave set back to them.
  • the Ahom soldiers began to lose their will to fight. Some elements began to retreat and seeing this Lachit boarded a boat himself to rally his troops. Offered to be taken to safety by one of his troops, Lachit furiously threw some of them into the water bodily despite being severely ill, loudly proclaiming that he would “die fulfilling his duty to his king and country, even if it meant he had to do it by himself”.
  • Seeing the courage of his commander soldiers gained confidence and changed the equation of battle.
  • Lachit Borpukan became victorious and Mughals were retreated from GUWAHATI.
  • Mughals were pushed back before to Manas river.
  • Lachit’s troops chased them but he told them not to attack the retreating army.

Lachit Borphukan Biography


  • On November 24 , LACHIT DIWAS has been commemorated since 1930s.
  • Since 1999 Assam govt, giving GOLD MEDAL to best cadet of NATIONAL DEFENSE ACADEMY (NDA) as LACHIT BORPUKAN MEDAL.


He died due to illness on 25 April 1672 at age 49

He was at Teok in Jorhat and a maidam was commissioned.

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