20+ Free Landing page template HubSpot

If you are in an online business then you will need a landing page template HubSpot for your business. As this will increase the conversion of your products with Hubspot templates

Obviously, there are hundreds of templates available on the internet for free and also paid. You must consider only those which are really convertible as per your business requirements.

For example, let’s say you are a small company of “Marketing Automation” so needs of your template must contain the →

  • Mobile friendly
  • Website color combination with template
  • Important links
  • CTA (Call to Action ) button
  • Any video required
  • Follow-up mail
  • Eye-catching content

These above are some very basic requirements that are needed to make templates or landing page templates somewhat actionable.

What is a landing page template HubSpot?

Before diving into this if you don’t have an idea about HubSpot then let me give you a brief intro about this. 

Hubspot is a CRM that is used for automation and marketing purposes, it also helps in sales management.

So there are so many templates that you can make by scratch as well there are so many templates that are already made you just need to change the design color font and mainly content.

landing page template hubspot

How to get a landing page template Hubspot?

To get the landing page of Hubspot we need to use the below method.

Go to the tab → 


There are three options to select 

  3. BLOG

If you want to use any of these you can select and proceed further.

There is one more option of CREATE which can also be used for creating from scratch.


Tips before using Hubspot CRM templates !!

Below there are some tips that can be useful for making or choosing templates before it actually gets implemented on your business website.

  • Choose the template which will help to achieve your goal for your business

✓ Always choose a template or theme which will help in your end result. In simple words, it means choosing the thing which has exactly your business goals matching

✓ For example: Let’s say your end goal is to only make templates with a form and to collect the email ids of those who submit this form. So your thinking you should check it has proper form validation with First name, Last name, email id, and submit button. 

After submitting you are actually getting emails or not.

If all this is there then you have a good template.

  • Name your landing page to find it later on when needed

✓ While making templates in Hubspot, always remember to give a name to templates, otherwise you will lose in the coming future as there will be so many other templates you will be making. So it will be so easy to find it if you named it as per your need.

  • Design it as per audience needs

✓ While making templates, always keep in mind that all the things you put in your templates from designing to content everything should be as per audience needs. They should not feel bored or like a scam. A user-friendly interface is the key point. Hubspot templates overall it’s user-friendly for mobile, tablets, laptops, etc.

  • Add some links at last

✓ Make sure to add important links at the bottom like Connect Us, Social Media, CTA, Any reference, etc

These are necessary because it builds trust in the back of the user’s mind.

  • Personalize the page 

✓ Always try to personalize the template you are making. In Hubspot, you get the option of personalization by which there is a shortcode that you can enter and it will be updated once an email is sent. 

For example, You want to send an email with the user’s first name then add it like this→ 

Hello [ First_name]

In the brackets, Hubspot will automatically take the first name of the user by contacts. This is personalization.

  • Test landing page by A/B testing

✓ When you make different templates, you also don’t know what is actually going to work. Maybe some things work or some parts do not. So here is the concept of A/B testing. 

What it means, let me make you understand. 

A/B testing simply means making two forms/templates/emails with almost the same thing but changing necessary things and trying for 1 week, or month of them. By doing this you will understand which form/template/ email is actually working. In both things, one will be performing better than the other. Whatever is the result, go with that further. 

This really helps with no extra cost and effort.

  • Check the performance data of the pages you made

✓ In Hubspot for almost everything you can track and keep records. So that you can improve much better next time. 

You can check CTA, Open rate, performance, traffic, bounce rate, etc.

This helps in analyzing your performance and in measurements of testing which is stated above point.

FREE landing page template HubSpot:

Here are some free Hubspot templates which will help you in your business to make conversions for your website.

  • Royce
  • Architecture
  • Invest
  • Hubstrap
  • O-Book
  • Vibrant
  • Landing Form
  • Gradient
  • Construction and Lawyer Landing page
  • Nightfall
  • Gardenhouse
  • Bandmates
  • University
  • Skyline
  • Bold
  • Online Store Coming soon
  • Lead-Gen Landing Page
  • Fagri
  • Rally
  • Real Estate Landing Page

Start From Here

Final Verdict on landing page template HubSpot:

This is all from my side about this article landing page template hubspot and coming with some more knowledge soon. Look at these blogs to ensure you’re on the right path to your digital success. 

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Do you have any questions – 

Drop your queries and comments section below, or post them on HubSpoting Forums, and we will be happy to answer.

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