Lucent GK | 5 Best gk books for competitive exams

Hey, if you are looking for general knowledge books for exam preparation and mainly Lucent gk books, we will guide you with this.

It will cover the topics which are actually necessary for the competitive examination. General knowledge is almost necessary and is covered by every examination and interview also. 

It covers so many subjects likewise science, arts, literature, history, geography, banking, finance, politics, games, and other topics also. To cover all these topics a good set of books is necessary like Lucent GK. If you get good books then strategy and improvements will all be perfect.

It will surely enhance the marks and grades to an up level.

There are many free books also available on the internet which you can download and also purchase online via Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

Best General knowledge books

Let’s cover all the good general knowledge books which are necessary for competition and even Lucent GK books too with this.

1. General Studies Paper 1 2021

It will mainly cover mainly civil and state level examinations. It has a wide variety of content explained with questions and answers.

Keys stats of Book:

  • Gk and current affairs topics
  • Question and answers
  • Model test paper
  • By McGraw Hill authors
  • Easy explanation

2. General knowledge 2021

This book is by Arihant which is a well-known publication. This book almost covers all the examinations of competition mainly government examinations. It covers topics like science, arts, literature, history, geography, banking, finance, politics, games, and other topics also.

Keys stats of Book:

  • Useful content of general knowledge
  • The book covers the latest info
  • Different areas of questions
  • Easy to understand

3. Concise General Knowledge Manual 2021

This book is very good for competitive exams to get learn things. It is published by Pearson education. because It is not an old version but a modified and restructured version which is for examination like SSC, railway, bank, and more others.

It also covers topic like science, arts, literature, history, geography, banking, finance, politics, and games which is easy to understand and learn.

Keys stats of Book:

  • Well structured questions
  • Takes less time for preparation
  • All topics covered
  • Good quality 
  • Easy to remember

4. General Studies – Objective MCQ 

This is a very popular book available in the market. This is published by Disha publication which is a well-known name. The best part of this book is, that it contains so many MCQs and more than 10,000 objectives. 

All the questions are well organized in this book. It contains topics related to UPSC, SSC, PSC, RRB, IBPS, BANKING, & other exams

Key stats of the Book:

  • Good quality content
  • Subject-wise questions are available
  • Cover so many exams
  • Easy to understand
  • Easy explanation of the questions
  • Disha publication

5. 14000 + Objective Questions – General Studies

This book is also very good as the previous one as it contains so many MCQs which are helpful for exams. Also, this covers previous years’ exam questions. 

Its publication is a well-known name of Arihant. It also covers all the topics and exams like UPSC, SSC, IAS, NDA, etc. 

It has more than 14,000 MCQs and it is all well designed and covers all the questions and answers.

Key stats of the Book:

  • Revised content
  • Good quality Book
  • Arihant publication
  • Easy to understand

6. One-liner approach to general knowledge

Liner general knowledge is a book that is good and easy to go with this. It is also published by Kiran publication. 

This is the book which can help you in all the competitive examinations like ibps, bank, SSC, railway, etc.

It also contains all the important topics including Indian & World History, Geography, Constitution, Politics, Economy, Science, Environment, and Computer Knowledge.

Key stats of the Book:

  • Easy to understand
  • Available in double color
  • Cover so many topics
  • Highlights given
  • Kiran publication
lucent gk

7. Lucent general knowledge book (Lucent gk)

This book is the most demanding and always the choice of students once to go through this. although It is really very demanding book as it covers so many benefits for the students.

Because It covers almost all the topics, subjects, exams especially this is made in the sense of students choice.

It is a user-friendly book and easy to use by non-competitive people.

Key stats for the book:

  • User-friendly indexing
  • Very user-friendly book
  • Easy to understand and remember
  • Covers all examination
  • Good quality Book


Best gk book for competitive exams in English

General Study 14,000
Lucent’s General Knowledge
R.S. Aggarwal’s S
Disha Experts’ Rapid General Knowledge

Best book for general knowledge and current affairs for competitive exams

General Study 14,000+ Objective
Lucent’s General Knowledge
R.S. Aggarwal’s S.
Disha Experts’ Rapid General Knowledge
Arihant Experts’ General Knowledge

Best gk book for upsc

HISTORY- Spectrum and selective chapters of Bipin Chandra.
CULTURE- Nitin Singhania hand written notes.
POLITY- Laxmikanth( it’s a one stop shop- Read it atleast twice by heart)
Geography- NCERT of class 11 and 12 and Goh Cheng Leong. ( Or you can refer to Mrunal videos as well)
ECONOMICS- NCERT of class 11 and 12 + Ramesh Singh.(Mrunal videos is another option)
SCIENCE and TECH- Just follow newspaper and Science Reporter videos of RSTV

Final Verdict on competitive exam books and Lucent gk

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