OTT full form | Best 10 OTT platforms

OTT full form is Over The Top. We will also know some more facts about these trending youth platforms.

basically, It is actually a medium of providing television and film, movies content at the request or may be due to the requirements of individual needs.

The OTT full form itself tells that it’s a content provider to the users over the existing internet services. but this is actually a trending thing on the internet.

What is the full form of OTT?

OTT full form is Over The Top which can be found everywhere, this is the only full form for this platform

Is the OTT platform free for everyone? | OTT full form

Let me tell you that content is never free, if you need then you have to pay.

The payment depends on the timing and duration to watch the movies and web series. after all, All platform has their own pricing system.

ott full form

OTT platforms:

There are many OTT platforms available now and it’s rapidly growing up day by day. Because of the demand of users.

At the present time, Some of the platforms which are popular are given below.

  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Netflix
  • iTunes
  • Hotstar
  • Eros Now
  • Disney
  • Voot
  • Zee5
  • Mxplayer
  • ALT Balaji

Comparison of OTT platform

We will do a comparison of ott platform here with respect to the users, pricing as well as app downloads for all the related platforms. So we can get deeper into this.

PlatformUsersPricingApp Download
Amazon prime200 millionMonthly ₹ 179
Quarterly ₹ 459
Annual ₹ 1499
100 M+
Netflix221 millionRs 149
Basic Rs 199
Standard Rs 499
Premium Rs 649
1 B+
iTunes72 million +
Hotstar45.9 million899/ year
1499/ year
500 M+
Eros Now 39.9 million₹49 per month
₹79 per 3 months
₹399 a year
10 M+
Disney45.9 million899/ year
1499/ year
500 M+
Voot1 million299 year100 M+
ZEE56.1 millionRs. 50/month100 M+
MXPLAYER280 millionRs. 299/year1 B+
ALT Balaji3.88 millionRs. 43 to 300/ year10 M+

Benefits of the OTT platform

  • Easy to use: 

The content of OTT is very easy to use. You should have a proper stable internet connection with good speed. After this, you can use it easily.

  • Cost-effective:

If you will see the driving above in the table you will get to know that the price is so low and cost-effective. The regular pricing of home setup and D2H amount and this amount will be less.

  • Convenience:

The best part of the OTT platform is its convenience and availability. You can use and see it as per your need and time. You have full capability to choose your favourite channels and time. 

  • Variant:

OTT platform has a wide variety of different available things like news, comedy, movies, shows, sports, etc. It has so many different varieties and you can choose whatever you want.

FAQ about OTT platforms

The kashmir files on which ott platform

It is available on ZEE5

gangubai kathiawadi on which ott platform

Available on Netflix

ott platform full form

Ott platform full form is On the Top

Which is best OTT in India?

There are many available like amazon prime, netflix, zee5, etc. Depends what you like and what you want to see

Final Verdict on ott full form

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