Best Top 6 SEO plugin for WordPress

Let’s dive into the new and exciting talk of the Best and Top six SEO plugin for WordPress. COMPARISON Graph of SEO plugin and DOWNLOAD FREE all the Plugins.

SEO which is known as Search Engine Optimization aims to get great traffic and users to your website. It is an organic and free method to bring traffic to your website. because It also means that your content has good quality and that is why users are attracted to your posts. 

You can do SEO without a plugin also and it was done also earlier and many people do it but it’s a useful deal mostly for beginners. because It helps to know what, where, and how to implement correct information and keywords.

WordPress SEO plugins help to place keywords, meta tags, descriptions, titles, images, tags, keywords density, internal links, external links, and many more things.

In this article, we will discuss the six top SEO plugin for WordPress. The best part is that all of them OFFER FREE solutions. Also, do they have Paid version we will look into this.

Top 6 Seo plugin for WordPress

Now we will discuss how SEO plugin helps and what are the different available options for SEO. This depends on the features you are looking for and your strategy for SEO. after all They all are budget-friendly because all are free with paid version if needed.

  • Yoast 
  • Rank Math
  • SEOPress 
  • All In One SEO Pack
  • Google XML sitemaps 
  • Squirrly

Comparison Between SEO plugin for WordPress

Yoast SEO

yoast seo plugin in WordPress, Yoast is one of the best and most popular SEO plugins on WordPress as well between bloggers. It is pack with great features and it’s very easy to use. 

It helps to make content user-friendly so that readers should have faith and feel comfortable while reading your content. 

Yoast SEO adds meta tags to the post as well as to pages also which easily makes you add focus keywords as per need. It sets the focus keyword, meta description, and canonical URL. It also gives optimization suggestions if needed in the posts. 

Basic features involved in Yoast SEO

Some more features for this plugin …

  • Description template
  • Title template
  • Schema markup
  • Advance XML sitemaps
  • Breadcrumbs 
  • Languages supported
  • Also free courses of Yoast SEO 
  • More than 16000 – 5* ratings
  • Detect duplication of the content 
  • Monthly better updates

All In One SEO Pack

All in one SEO pack plugin is also a good option to try for SEO purposes and is available for free too.

It’s also easy to set up and understands the working of this plugin. It resolves complex settings in a few minutes. It optimizes the meta tags and the title of your article in relevance to the search engine. So it helps in ranking as well.

The best part of this all-in-one SEO pack plugin is that whatever changes are done on the website is automatically notified to the search engines so that it helps in ranking purposes.

Basic features involved in All in One SEO pack plugin 

Some more features for this plugin …

  • Schema markup
  • Amp support
  • Advance canonical URL
  • API support
  • Ecommerce SEO

Google XML sitemaps

If you are a beginner in your blogging or website journey you must have faced some issues like ‘post not indexed’ or website not indexing. This issue is very common and most people face this issue while they are starting their journey.

Google XML sitemaps are very and are the only helpful tool that automatically generates sitemaps so that when crawlers come they can easily search and crawl your site.

Basic features involved in Google XML sitemaps 

Some more features for this plugin are given below you can have a look –

  • Flexibility
  • Complete XML sitemaps
  • No overload 
  • Solve basic indexing issues
SEO plugin for WordPress

Squirrly SEO 

Let’s talk about the good features of squirrly SEO. This SEO plugin is beginner-friendly so if you are a beginner then you must try it once for SEO purposes. It automatically generates recommendations in real-time. It will help you to optimize your article which you are writing means in real-time. 

Also, this plugin provides you with competitive analysis so that you can compare the articles already written so that you can analyze them and then improve your article SEO and all other factors. 

It also has one best feature if you in the future want to switch the plugin anytime in-between then this plugin will simply transfer all the settings to other plugins.

Basic features involved in Squirrly SEO

Some more features for this plugin are given below you can have a look –

  • Sitemap XML
  • Noindex option available
  • Social media monitoring
  • Advance e-commerce features
  • Google analytics integration
  • Free coaching sessions
  • Easy to use 
  • User friendly


One more SEO plugin that is very useful and great for your SEO purposes. The SEOPress plugin is white labelled and also it is ads-free. It has vast many features such as custom XML sitemaps, and managing redirection, it also analyzes the content based on the keywords so that can be optimized your articles.

The plugin SEOPress is integrated with Google analytics and this is why you can track your SEO efforts. The more exciting feature is that development teams can customize it as per their needs with the hooks.

Basic features involved in the SEOPress plugin

Some more features for this plugin are given below you can have a look –

  • Setup wizard
  • Can do Social media monitoring
  • Can do image SEO
  • Custom canonical URL
  • Noindex support also
  • Free easy SEO tutorial

Rank Math 

Our next and last recommendation for the SEO plugin for WordPress is the Rank Math plugin which is also a very famous and easy-to-use plugin. It’s very popular also nowadays.

It always comes with an intuitive setup and with the smart best features which are automatically set up for you. If you want you can surely make changes later on. 

The best part of this rank Math plugin is that it is integrated with the Google search console which helps your site as well as to keep ahead of your competitors. It also helps in the 404 errors there are in the post or website. 

Basic features involved in the Rank Math plugin

Some more features for this plugin are given below you can have a look –

  • Image SEO can be done
  • Local SEO too
  • Optimization 
  • Breadcrumbs 
  • Schema markup
  • Support unlimited keywords

FAQ’s on SEO plugin for WordPress

Free SEO plugin for WordPress

There are many available seo plugins like Rank math, yoast, SEO press, etc. For more look at hubspoting blog

Which is better All in One SEO or Yoast?

Both are almost similar but it depends on your business requirements and the feasibility to use them. Both have so many installations and good rankings. You can check the comparison graph for both at hubspoting

Is Yoast SEO free?

Yoast seo plugin has Free as well as Pro version

Can SEO be done on WordPress?

Yes, SEO can be done on WordPress

Which SEO plugin is better?

All the above-mentioned SEO plugins for WordPress are good, it depends on your work and user friendly.

Best free SEO plugin for WordPress 2022

Rank Math, Yoast, All in one SEO plugin, squirrly all are good.

Best SEO plugin for WordPress Reddit

Above mentioned SEO plugin can be used for Reddit also

Final Verdict on Top 6 Seo plugins for WordPress

This is all from my side about this article SEO plugin for WordPress, and coming with some more knowledge soon. Look at these blogs to ensure you’re on the right path to your digital success. 

Look at these services you may need for your website.

Do you have any questions – 

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