The Metaverse


Buzzing Word on the internet “Metaverse”, this digital form of the universe was coined first by Neal Stephenson in his fictional novel “Snow Crash” in 1992. Nowadays this new emerging technology is being chased by many big tech giants Facebook (now META ), and Microsoft and they do see “Meta” as the path towards the 5th Industrial Revolution and Web3.

The metaverse is a virtual world where humans, as avatarsinteract with each other in a three-dimensional space that mimics reality.

Stephenson defined Metaverse as a virtual experiment in the physical world, in which users interact through digital avatars. At the core of the metaverse stands the vision of an immersive Internet as a gigantic, unified,
persistent, and shared realm. While the metaverse may seem futuristic, catalysed by emerging technologies such as Extended Reality, 5G, and Artificial Intelligence, the digital ‘big bang’ of our cyberspace is not far away.

Metaverse technology in the present time is not developed in just a couple of years only rather it is being used by Gaming companies in their games as Avatars since the early 2000s. Like Fortnite, Roblox, Minecraft etc.

Citigroup Inc. has estimated that by 2030 metaverse could be US$13 Trillion with a user base of 5 billion people.

The Metaverse
The Metaverse

What makes Metverse different?

  • 3D avatars of real-world people and objects.
  • Enhanced graphics will give a real-like environment which means an enhanced gaming experience.
  • People’s interaction and connectivity with each other will become softer.
  • collaboration and teamwork will become easier by avoiding commutation. virtual presentations will help them a lot to explain minute details.
  • School and Universities student can get their subject nuances with better understanding.
  • Metaverse will help immensely to Research work people. For Ex: Doctors: disease diagnosis will be easier, development of vaccines will be faster.
  • Paralyzed people, hospitalized people those who are not able to move will feel connected with their loved ones those who are located distantly.
  • Many Big companies and organisations are diversifying their services in Metaverse to sell their products. Ex: Automobile Companies: customers can now test drive and get details interior of their desired car through this technology.
  • People can select different themes and hang out through their Avatars with their friends and family.
  • Meta will revolutionize online shopping, people will able to try their new shoes and clothes on their avatars. 
WTF Is the Metaverse? | PCMag
WTF Is the Metaverse? | PCMag
How to use Metaverse

How to use Metaverse ?

Accessibility to Metaverse for general people is through Virtual Reality (VR) and  Augmented Reality (AR) devices.

Challenges with Metaverse technology

As we know Metaverse is in its initial stage and many challenges are being solved and many would be encountered with this growing technology.

But major concerns are for now

  • Privacy and Data breach
  • Many parts of the world deal with a slow internet connection, Meta requires fast internet and consumes more data
  • At present time only VR and AR are medium to use Metaverse, but sometimes it becomes difficult to use them for the long term, people complained about their heavy weight and effects on the eyes which results in headache
Through the metaverse, and what can be found there | Penn Today
  • Meta Devices are costly now often they are costlier than good smartphones.
  • Lack of good apps and many popular apps are not available there for now.
  • Many Meta Applications have poor graphics.
  • Meta has a Less Number of developer community as compared to other App stores.

Despite Challenges, we know “With technology, we can achieve unimaginably”

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