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Welcome to HubSpoting! Again we are here with a new topic as WooCommerce gift cards which will help you in e-commerce stores.

Gift cards are very important and impressive for your website and customers. You can offer them gifts directly and share it also with their friends and colleagues.

Gift cards for WooCommerce help merchants to sell, create, and manage gift cards in particular stores they have. 

They can send these gift card coupon codes via email, QR code, bar code, etc.

In this article, we will discuss WooCommerce gift cards. The best part is that some of them OFFER FREE solutions. Also, they have a Paid version tool We will look into this one by one. Let’s dive into this now.

Best WooCommerce gift cards plugins:

We will discuss three WooCommerce gift cards in detail now.

  • WooCommerce gift card by WooCommerce
  • YITH WooCommerce Gift Card by Yith
  • PW WooCommerce Gift Cards by Pimwick

WooCommerce gift cards

WooCommerce gift cards by WooCommerce:

Most online store owners offer gift cards because it creates value, loyalty, and revenue to generate traffic and value for their stores.

Users use this e- gift system because it’s a very convenient, easy, fast, and secure way to exchange or give gifts online in no time.

It’s fast and secure also.

This plugin WooCommerce gift card by WooCommerce will help you with this. 


  • Add a gift certificate for later use
  • Check total balance
  • Send a personal message to the receipt
  • You can add multiple receipts
  • Choose gift variation
  • Search gift certificate by the sender of receipt
  • View gift certificate by sender of receipt
  • Edit gift certificate by sender of receipt
  • Sell simple and variable certificate
  • You can create expiring codes
  • Choose the custom delivery date
  • Send multiple receipts
  • Import and export feature

YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards by Yith :

Gift cards are used for appreciation by people buying them. The market for gift card buying and selling is going to increase more and more as soon the internet will keep on increasing.

It will be risky if we buy something which is of the wrong size. A Christmas gift, birthday gift, relative gift, all these e-gift cards are very useful, easy, and convenient.

This is the reason the e-commerce store owners now offer gift cards to mostly everyone.


  • New product type or gift card to check your own cards
  • You can set the amount of gift card 
  • Dashboard to check balance, orders, etc.
  • Create gift cards
  • Edit gift cards from the dashboard
  • Create virtual gift cards
  • Unlimited physical or virtual gift cards
  • Send gift cards via email
  • Choose the layout of gift cards
  • Customize gift card pattern 
  • Set minimum amount 
  • Customize gift card with website logo
  • Choose different images 
  • Suspend the gift card on cancellation of the order
  • Physical gift cards 
  • Choose a gift card in the cart, Checkout
  • Enable the optional QR code
  • Manage stock of gift cards
  • Set the expiration date
  • Show the email address linked to each gift cards

PW WooCommerce Gift Cards by Pimwick:

Gift cards are easy, convenient to use, and increase sales organically. The WooCommerce gift card makes it very easy for your store to sell online to your store. So easy to get started, you can be selling gift cards for your WooCommerce store in minutes!


  • Import and export feature
  • View as pdf format 
  • Bonus gift cards
  • Customize email template, design, and images
  • Set custom amounts
  • Schedule delivery
  • Choose by default the amount
  • Allow a gift card to be debited from the Check Balance page
  • Guests can redeem gift cards
  • You can ignore the coupons
  • You can adjust the balance
  • You can delete the gift card
  • Physical gift cards
  • Manually generate gift cards
  • Custom redeem URL
  • Compatible with the WooCommerce Rest API to show redeemed gift card
  • Compatible with many themes and plugins

This is all from our end for the Top WooCommerce gift card plugin and their features, pricing, download, review, demo, etc mostly all we have covered from our end.

The comparison table will also be useful to you for deciding which one is best for you.

Final Verdict on WooCommerce gift cards:

This is all from my side about these gift card plugins and coming with some more knowledge soon. Look at these blogs to ensure you’re on the right path to your digital success. 

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