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Today we will get to know some brief details about youtube and YouTube in full form also.

YouTube full form:

YouTube is a wide variety of video-sharing platforms. The name youtube comes from the two combined words and that is ” You” which means ‘ you. The fact that the video’s creation, and uploading everything comes from your end. And “Tube” means television (cathode Ray tube)

YouTube is just a media between content creators and content takers. 

Youtube full form

Is YouTube Free?

The answer to this is in two steps. YouTube is free for everyone as of now till date and now it has also come up with paid/ premium plans too. 

YouTube premium plans charges:

The charges are like this below-

  • First 3 months it’s Free, as a trial you can check
  • After trial ₹129/month

What does youtube offer with premium plans?

These are the three services offered by youtube in their premium plans –

  • Ad-free background play
  • YouTube music premium
  • Download anytime

Ad-free background play is one of the best things because while watching something if an advertisement comes then mostly we get irritated. If something is being offered we can try once. 

The trial period is also 90 days long so we can have great experience and make a decision to move forward with this or not.

YouTube music premium and download features are also good which can help you many times.

Some youtube facts:

Here are some facts about youtube that you can Checkout-

  • YouTube is the only second-most popular website on Earth
  • Nearly 37% of mobile traffic in the world goes ‘to and from’ YouTube
  • YouTube was not a Google product but was bought YouTube in October 2006 for $1.65 billion
  • YouTube introduced its current logo in August 2017
  • Estimated 1.8 billion users visit YouTube every month

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Final Verdict on YouTube full form:

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